Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i am an old woman :)

awww i'm loving the number of 28 ! it's because when my dad's sperm met my mom's egg, then a zygote was formed ! and after a few months, it turns into a foetus ! (gahaha i know this sounds gross :D) then after 9 months, a 2.5 kg baby girl was born on 28 july 1994:) that little baby girl had turned to a big girl yesterday :)
i live for 15years in this AWESOME world ^^ and special thanks to those yang wish me yesterday ! thankyousoooomuch ! and to all my girlfriends, thanks for the birthday surprise ! and thanks for that superduper DELICIOUS cake ! i do love ya'all soo much ! :)


Dahlia said...

happy belated bday!!
if u r an old woman?
i nie nenek kebayan apa!

'Cikgu Padi' said...

happy belated besday dear

FANA said...

happy belated day

ela rockadarling :] said...

dahlia : awww thanks yea dear !
wahaha nenek kebayan ! xDD
u form 5 kan kan ? :DD gile tua if dh jdi nenek kebayan tuh. haha ;P


fana : thanksyou sooo much ! :))

vavaa said...

heyy happy birthday!

Dahlia said...

i think i dah jd nenek kebayan..
i dah 18!! la..mana ad form 5..tuu smua last year.