Monday, December 27, 2010

ik hou van je

i bake this cake for him yesterday cause he's leaving tomorrow. ohhh gonna miss u bitchboy.and i'm glad that he loves it :) i love you and takecare where ever you are :')

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take 1

as usual honey.

i dont get it why indonesian hate malaysian soo much. just because of football game? this has gone too far. and TERRIBLY RUDE.

brand new 2011 yo alls

or should i say, 2011 is going to be A VERY BUSY BUSY YEAR? yes i should. ahh you know, i dont want to accept the fact that december is going to an end in 5 more freaking days. i'm not ready to go school yet. and one more thing, i'm gonna miss 2010 :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

still alive

oh yes, i havent updated my blog since only god knows. i've been very busy with holiday stuffs and all. cant believe that december almost come to an end. and i'm going to be a form 5 student in less than a month. SCREW THAT. hello sijil pelajaran malaysia. shiznitt -__- well, holiday is not that bad as i thought. so yeah, gonna update it later cause my blog is so dead.