Saturday, January 23, 2010


BAD ASS. imissyou already x(
pinkydinkydoo it sucks big time. hmph :/

passion !

photography club was very tiring. but i like it and i adore every people that has passion in photography. here are some photos that i took at school today.

photos that i took when i had my dinner with my family :)

im still new in this photography thingie.


random facts bout me

do not read it if you're such a lazy chicken ass.

1. i love love to sing tho my voice sucks :)
2. i study at last minute.
3. i judge people by my 1st impression
4. i love PARTY & crowded places. do you ?
5. i love to do rough activity
6. i hate bugs cause its ugly
7. i'll never forgive and forget. (depends?)
8. i can be bossy sometimes
9. i have no self confidence
10. i share some of my problems with my closest friend.



i'm not tired of loving you, but it just,
i am SICK of waiting, im sick of hearing sorry and your sweet empty words.
im sick & tired of being a person who cares too much.

Friday, January 15, 2010

pizza day :)

helo people :) i have no time to update my blog cause im very busy like a bee. with tons of schoolwork, and nextmonth im going to attend tuiton class for addmaths and physics. so thats mean, im going to be VERY VERY VERY busy. ohhmyyyy form 4 is gonna be tough ;(
last tuesday we went to hani's place to do school work and ordered PIZZA !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

brand new 2010 :)

goodbye 2009.
all i can say is, 2009 was a tough year for me. i've been through a lot of things and yeah i learn a lot from it. with sooo many god damn dramas, conflict and sooo much more but alhamdulillah we're given the strength to face all that. and im hoping that 2010 is gonna be MORE adventerous and MORE fun. hell yeah rock on !
and btw, tomorrow is gonna be our 1st day of school. cant wait to meet em but im not ready to