Thursday, April 29, 2010

helo douchebag

eventho new guy has given me attention,
but it doesnt give me any addiction,
cause it wont be the same as your affection.


i miss all those excitement when i was inlove.
i miss all those drama machine when i was inlove.
i miss the heat of being inlove.
i miss all those goodnight chat.
i miss all those arguement.
MAYBE, just MAYBE, i miss being inlove. (yerr chiiingaaak!)

ingga sik ingga sik INGGAA SIIIIKK ?
enough said. bye!

precious :)

losing someone that i love is very painful.
but i know i can manage to control myself.
sometimes it may feel like the sadness will never let up.

nek, you are the world's greatest grandpa.
everytime when i go to your house, you will always ask my mom to buy satay and mee kolok.
and if mee kolok x sedap, u said "aih pa rasa air paip tok-,-"
hee very cute of you lah nek :) i know you're always cerewet if u wanna eat.
nek, rinduuuu ehhhhh,. raya 2010 is gonna be dull without you. iloveyou, veryyy much T.T

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

life nowadays

helo people. once again, i've been very very busy like a bee due to upcoming exam which is TOMORROW. sheeshh man now my brain is going to explode. -,-

my grandpa has passed away last monday. he's the one who used to buy me anything i want when i was a little kid. he's the one who used to drive us anywhere with his old blue car when we were a little kid. he's the one who used to make me laugh with his silly silly jokes.
when i saw his heartbeat was 0, my heart totally smashed down.
grandpa, i will always love you, i will always do :) and we will missing you.
rest in peace, grandpa. :(

Friday, April 2, 2010

r a n d o m

i saw my older album in my pc, and i'm starting to miss 2009, where 2009 hold the best memory:)
am gonna post some pics, so this entry is going to be long.

hani mimah wyn. still rmmbr this ? HAHA ! we supposed to hantar alyaa to airport,
but we didnt make it. so my mom drove us to spring :)

yayyer ! sportday was held at padang jubli. during recess time, we walked from pdg jublie to town, to play bowling nak ? haha :D

the best raya ever, yerh haha ! :D cause i spend most of the time with my friends.
still remember eating barbeque chicken at hani's house. SUPER NYAMAN :D

YEP we struggle sooooo hard for our PMR. we went to the library once a week.
GROUP STUDY :) thankyou guys <3

i miss this THE MOST. we went to stay 1 night at hilton right after PMR.

i miss going to the beach with my friends :O and this trip's kinda awesome :)

went on a vacation to KL with alyaa. woohoo the best vacation ! :)

okay thats it. i love each one of you, i swear you guys are the AWESOMEST friends ever !
eventho sometimes i annoyed u guys , but it doesnt mean i hate you all. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

pain pain go away

life is being a bitch lately. yes seriously. and exam is coming, I DONT EVEN MOTHERFUCKING READY. pergghhhh. i failed my addmaths and chemist for the last exam and i was like, OHOKAY, THIS IS WHAT I GET IF I STUDY LAST MINUTE.
i'll try to put MORE effort in my studies, insyaallah.

yadayada cant wait for this saturday. im going on vacation with my family!
i am going to delete those bullshit out of my head. yerh haha :3
oh okay, stop crapping. thats it for now. BYE :)

glee fever !

okay. i was told by my friend, alyaa, that we must watch glee because its AWESOME.
ohyeah she's right, and we're crazy for one of the actor in glee, mr.mohawk PUCKERMAN :)

and some of us, GLUE. erk? :O