Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 letter words for you ?

before you read this, get a bucket or something and DO NOT PUKE :p

i tried to remember every single pain that he made me feel,
but i suddenly cant when he looked right into my eyes.
all i can remember is all beautifull moment that we shared together.
i cant say a word cause i was amazed by his lovely character.

it takes my breath away when he opened his mouth to say things
that makes my heart beats faster and faster.
i never felt this safe and secure.

yes now i miss all those excitement and beautifull moment when i was inlove.
being inlove is awesome but yet, it does hurt.

HAPPY 2010 :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

things that i've done in 2009

1. Bought something i didn’t need.

2. Snuck out of my house.

3. Became obsessed with a song no one knew.

4. Fell in love.

5. Got into a fight with someone i loved.

6. Figured out who my real friends were.

7. Shopped online.

8. Sang karaoke.

9. Performed in front of a large audience.

10. Met someone i found online.

11. Found a new band that i love.

12. Realized that Kanye West essentially sucked. (to be fair, I realized this a long time ago)

13. Panicked over something stupid.

14. Fell out of love..

15. Spent time with my family.

16. Ate dinner alone.

17. Cried in the shower.

18. Got yelled at for no reason.

19. Waved at people i didn’t know in passing cars.

20. Changed my entire look.

21. Laughed at something that made no sense.

22. said iloveyou but didnt mean it

23. spend my holiday with my friends

24. did something horrible :S

25. went out with friends until midnight

26. Told someone i loved them.

well, bye bye 2009 ! and hello 2010 ! :)
via ; tumblr :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

pretty day :)

i recieved my pmr result just now. what i can say is,

it was soo amazing when my friends and i burst into tears cause we're tooo happy with our result.
well, i didnt cry actually, i cant and i dont know why.

it was awesome when my mom smiled and said that she's proud of me.
such a beautiful moment i tell you :)
thou my dad cant make it, but its okay. i know you'll be happy daddy :)

cant tell you how gratefull i am i cant express it in words.

and and,
congrats to those yg dapat straight A's :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

life is unfair.

i was told by my friend that we'll going to recieve our pmr result on 24th december.
i am scared to death i dont know why. im just hoping that err *cough* that i am one of the straight A's student. YEEEHAAWW ! AMIN hundred times :)

my life ? M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.
i dont know why i act kinda cold lately. i used to be a happy cheerful girl,
but now i am totally depressed. damnit i need to go somewhere to clear my god damn head.

oh yeah typing this is making me sick. i'm not ready to fall in love AGAIN,
cause i dont wanna be hurt, AGAIN. urgh i shall stop now.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

i want my mind to be free

i did this in ages ago. yeah i love to doodle <3

Saturday, December 5, 2009

helo again, KUCHING.

yeah, two weeks in KL was totally a blast i'm telling you .
i had so much fun with my darling alyaa and also my cuzzies :)
went to play bowling like 6 or 8 times maybe ? yeah. awesome. just awesome.
KL made me stay away from my problems. yeah totally miss wyna, hani and mimah BUTTTT
i dont wanna go back to kch cause of some reason that i
cant post it right here.
painfull enough. and i wish i could stay longer :(

lets hit the ball !

zara LOVE :)

omg heaven !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


yes i will :) i love you pretty boy.

heart's expression.

mommy daddy, i know that i act very rude lately.
and yes, i am not a good daughter but i always try my hardest
to be a good one.
i always against you if you wanna give opinions.
i always never listen to your advices.
i always hurt you by increasing my voice .
dad, i should never spend too much money to buy this & that.
i know that u work so hard to give what i want and need.
just to let you know, that I do appreciate it.
mom and dad , i am sorry if i did anything wrong.
i love you both to the max.

helo kuala lumpur :)

yesterday was the last day i meet him b4 i'm off to KL.
yeah gonna miss kuching for sure ! gonna miss wyna, and mimah,

and my so called pretty boy. woot :)
i miss yesterday. i fucking need a time machine !

i'm going to kl soon, with alyaa. this is gonna be the 1st time
i'm going to kl with my friend ! HELLYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

and, goodluck to all form 5 students. do the best for your spm :)
alrite, my ass is about to burn, i'm sitting here, infront of the pc,

almost bout 4 hours. GEISH. signing out !

Monday, November 9, 2009

girlfriends :)

i miss and love them to the max !
wina, alyaa, hani, mimah, and seri :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

helo beach

i had a total blast with my friends cause we went to beach last week.
just happy when i saw my friends with their lovely partner*eceh*
zhen&nana, mirul&hani, alyaa&syaheed, . boy, ae and mal were there too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 night at hilton hotel

i'm in a mood to type. so this post will mybe a bit longer.
so dont read if you're a lazy head .

17 october 2009.
its the day when all my problems faded away. its time for my friends and i to go wild !
haha kidding. :) we went to hilton hotel to stay one night . RIGHT AFTER PMR. woooot!

at the lobby. waited for hani, seri, dyla, and wina :)

helo room 331 !

at the pool site.

i was told that he cant make it. he'll not coming with us. but yeah, he was there.
surprised ? i am . i rlly wanna kick his bloody arse . cant tell u how happy i am.
*muntah ijo* haha :p then we went to riverside to play BOWLING ! ulalala I LIKEE :)

dude look at my score. i really2 wanna BEAT YOU HANI. haha !

at night, SWIMMING TIME :)

all i can say, IT WAS super duper hyper AWESOME !

around 7 p.m or something, went to have our dinner at mcD.

after that, we went to coffee bean. from to 1 a.m.
it was wild and crazy night. no parents. YEAH.

went back to the hotel around 1 a.m or something ? cant recall.
had a birthday surprise for hani syakireen. HAHA :)

hang out with syaheed, zhen and mirul at the lobby around 4 a.m .
went back to our room, and SLEEP. so tired but it was amazing day i tell you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


finally, i FEEL SO RELIEF :) pmr ? its over !
the last paper was KH. i really wanna shout because i've been struggling so hard to study.
so on tuesday, my friends and i went to riverside bowling to play bowling.
yeah, one of my fav game :) and of course, syaheed won 3 times mybe ? URGH -_-

at night we went to karaoke at pop wave. i had so much fun i tell you.
and i really really really cant wait for tomorrow. cause we're gonna stay 1 night
at the hilton hotel. and he'll be there tomorrow. dude, i miss you. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

life is all about..

i just wanna type whats in my brain rite noww.

have you ever decided not to be inlove because you're so afraid of losing
what you already had with that person ?
your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesnt. remember, it does it on its own.

have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had,
but that person is too afraid to let you ?
too many of us walled up because we are too afraid to care too much.
for fear that the other person does not care as much, or even at all.

have u ever denied your feelings for someone,
because your fear of rejection is too hard to handle?
we tell lies when we are afraid. BUT everytime we tell a lie, the thing we fear GROWS STRONGER.
life is all about risk and it requires u to jump.

think before u act. cause i've been through all this.

Friday, October 9, 2009


helo people :) i'm in a mood to type right now. raya was totally a blast ! cause i spend more time with my friends

first day of raya

family gathering at granny's house :)

second day of raya

third day of raya

we had a barbeque at hani's house :) two thumbs up for the chicken ! :D

fourth day of raya

and again, we had a barbeque at aniq's house. YEAH :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

helo 80's :)

this is us when we were 1980's :)


pemenang ratu kebaya 1980


dah boring ngan hairstyle ya..
then pegi equip saloon, tuka rambut..


hazimah time nerd. xda org nak kawan.
tuka hairstyle,

tuka lagiiiiik,

hazimah dah up. HAHA


orang paling famous. haha

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i love my darlings :)

i love each one of you,
and sorry if i'm always bossing around. i love you guys to the max !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random post :)

wooot hari raya is on sunday! everyone is busy to get our home done. with all the light, the curtain, and the most amazing thing is KUIH&BISCUIT !
i'll gain my weight during raya, trust me :)
and i cant wait to finish PMR. cause i wanna do alot of stuff !
i wnna karaoke with my friends, watching movies, go-kart, paintball, and yeah, stay 2 nights at damai beach. typing this is making me EXCITED. hahaha :D
i will study, FOR MY FAMILY SAKE :)

and i would like to wish happy ADVANCE raya to all muslim :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

raffey's aging day :)

yesterday was RAFFEY HILMAN's birthday. and he invited 13 of us to come to his PARTY.
but unfortunately, only 8 of us can make it. the party was awesome. we had a barbeque, karaoke and performance from the superstarss ; hariz and hazman. haha :D
raffey&azreena, and ralph& seri were soo extremely sweet. GAHHH :)
and yeah I HAD A BLAST!

and then "he" texted me to pick me up at my house. but i'm not at my home :(
i'm not showing off but it just, i'm inlove with him so much. HUHAHAHAA.
shit man, i MUST resist this feelings. cause PMR just around the arse !