Monday, March 30, 2009

all i need is HIM :)

i did this fer you amir :)

Love hurts when you break up with someone, love hurts even more when they break up with you but love hurts even worst when they love somebody else.
yes, thats what i feel right now people !
i keepppp and keeep on thinking bout him :(
but i have my GIRLFRIENDS to cheer me :) want me to mention their names ?
neea, mimah, wyna, zyra, tiff, alyaa, tash, azz, seri and MORE.

thanks to them coz brighten up my day. and i just cant stop on laughing of their stupid jokes :D i love themm :)

he's now in PLKN, (the camp thingie) and away for 3months.
HAHA :D like i said, even if i'm with someone new, all i can love is only him.
someone new ? nahhh, i really wannabe single now :D
and sometimes i think when i see him happy with somebody else, i suddenly realize i just pretending to be happy too, to ease the pain of knowing that he will never be mine anymore :(

people always said , they're like TONS more of guys out there.
but i'm not intrested okae.
i cant forget the time that we shared together.
grr. miss u lah BOTAK oi !

wait fer me KL !

Monday, March 23, 2009

research for sejarah thingie :)

i took the video when we're in "rumah hazimah". haha kidding ! ;P

HAHA :] in the video, hazimah and alyaa were trying to get down from that freaky stairs. HAHA.

we went to museum yesterday for research bout kerja khusus sejarah. *did i spell "museum" correctly ?
but then ada macik busybody datang.

macik : ktk org buat apa kat sitok ?
us : polah research and cari information
macik : x boleh buat research if xda surat dri sekolah. ada surat dri sekolah ka ?
yang warna putih ya bhaaa.
hazimah: nang lah warna putih. x lah warna warni.
adz : ada. jap ahhh . (but actually mmg xda pun )
hazimah : phl xleh buat research ? bgus buat museum dimpun jak. HAHA
macik : ney duit ko mok buat museum dimpun ? *she said that with her devilish

woahh macik, relex lah ! and i found that "macik" is just a cleaner
coz she's holding penyapu and mop!
FUCK ! i tot she's a manager there ! eeeee geram aku. ahaha.
then we ran away from that macik, veryyy annoying lah u.
adeyhh :D
it looks scary in the museum coz there are tons of dead animals there.

and we went upstairs, and took some pictures *eventho we're not allowed to take pic :)


picture upthere are soooo stupid. our fingers pointed at the "boobs". HAHA.
sangap doh ;D
after that, we went to another museum whiich is "ART MUSEUM" :)
theres nothing to look in the art museum.
so we're tired, exhausted, and lepak for a while at the park :DD
and we went back to school. dgn tangan kosong. without the museum information. wuarghh. but nevermind, trip to museum was vry FUN.
then i was attacked by asthmaa. grrrrr.
asthma is a cronic lung disease, and it makes me very difficult to breathe.
asthma cant be cured. even when i feel fine, i still have the disease and it can flare up at any time. then i went to hospital lastnight , and i think i feel better nowwww.