Tuesday, May 26, 2009

good old days :)

oh peopleeee ! sorry for the late late update ! busy with kerja kursus, exam and bla3 =.=
now i wanna write bout my day with my darlingss; (wyna, alyaa and hani)

we went to THE SPRING last saturday. seriously, its superduperhyper fun ! :D
forget bout homework, forget bout kerja kursus, forget bout problems, just HAVE FUN!
grr :] i dont want to write too much details bout that day, coz malas nak type pnjang rite now :)
seperti biasa, kterang chit chating, gossiping, and shoopiiinggggg!
yes im broke now. i'm out of cash coz i spend a lot of money on that day ! grr.
so here, i took pictures babe :)


then went back home, and started webcaming with my peeps :) LOVE IT !
its not i'm being sakai or what, it just i LOVEEEEEEEEE webcaming !

webcaming with PARTNER IN CRIME


emir bitch, HAHA :) jk emir ! ^^v

Friday, May 8, 2009

oh CRAP !

god, please give me strength to forget him.
please give me strength to see him happy with her.
god, please help me to resist this feelings.
cause i'm not strong enough to see him with someone else.

boredom is killing me !

TAKE NOTE people ! this whole week i have exam for mid year :)
so i try to do my best :] yesterday was english paper, so look what i've done during exam !

what boredness can do during exam :)

erm just ignore bout "lost my boobs." i dont have any idea =.=

i know all of my drawing are SUCK :) i dont have the talent ^^
but i love to draw, and it is not about drawing well, it is about how i express myself :)
yep, i express myself through writing, blogging, shouting and drawing. yeahh ^^