Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I want to learn how to play guitar.


ohyeah school is over. hello holiday ! i dont know what i'm going to do during holiday. cause i'm not going to ANY VACATION. nice, just nice. maybe i'm gonna do the same routine i guess? online, sleeping, and eating. i have no life, i know that. maybe I NEED to do revision, yes no? please please let me resist my lazyness.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hey mr who-has-my-heart,
everytime we meet, i fall a little harder.

letter day 16

dear the last person i kissed,

i'm sorry for being immature and stubborn every single day. i'm sorry sometimes i said things without thinking the consequences. i'm sorry for those heartaches, shits and pain that i made you feel. thankyou for always be there for me when things get rough and hard. i'm grateful enough to have someone like you. :)

the last person you kissed :)

it's not that i'm ignoring or avoiding you. just give me some space to miss you.


MUHAHA see my mustache right there? i'm handsome, yes no? :3 mustaches remind me of my cousin, husna. she loves mustache so much i dont know why :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hello holiday

lately, my mind has been fucked up by exam. but finally its over. woohoo ! vacation. yes, i need vacation. pls mom ? :') i have so much things i would like to do during holiday. gonna spend my holiday with my family, friends and him. yerh haha. but hey, gonna miss schooldays aight. but not the homeworks and teachers, i'm gonna miss sleeping in the class, chit-chatting with friends, and THE FOOOD. oh, gonna miss all that. :') nextyear is going to be my last year in smk st.teresa. damn it, time flies so fast ey? haihhh -_-

si pendek

i know i should post this on 31st october. but sokay, happy belated birthday to my shortest, tiniest, and loudest friend, hazimah sapuan. you lighten up our days with your jokes. every little random things you do will make us burst out laughing. (yer mesti kau rasa lawak nak mah? haha) thats it mah, malas mok type banyak2, ingga kau kelak, aku pun ingga juak. HEHE. <3>

aezza's bday dinner :)

went for aezza's birthday dinner last 2 weeks at pullman. gonna post some picture yo ! and and, happy belated birthday zarifah :D