Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a day to remember :)

geiishhhh , school's funfair was super duper mega awesome ! well, not exactly, haha ^^ but yeah, i do have fun and there were sooooo many people on that day .
i do love to play darts, golf, guitarr hero, dance floor, and and PAINTBALL was very fun !
and not to forget, TWISTERRRR. yeahh, thanks wynaa for the video ! iloveu darling ! :)
lets get your body twisted baby ! HAHA. (eventho i cheated a lotttt :P)

and our cameraman's daughter, my SHAZZY HASSAN took those pictures :))

soooo many people ! :D

breakfast at sugarbun, before the food and funfair ^^
and then bila balik rumah, sakit badan, sakit kaki, sakit kepala cause penat gilak. -________-


'Cikgu Padi' said...

wah seronoknya...emmmm..pasni jgn lupe study plak k..

ela BABUNNNN said...

eyap i will. HAHAHA ;DD

Shasha said...

wow gile best ur video ;)

ela BABUNNNN said...

really ? thankyou much much dear :D