Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i am an old woman :)

awww i'm loving the number of 28 ! it's because when my dad's sperm met my mom's egg, then a zygote was formed ! and after a few months, it turns into a foetus ! (gahaha i know this sounds gross :D) then after 9 months, a 2.5 kg baby girl was born on 28 july 1994:) that little baby girl had turned to a big girl yesterday :)
i live for 15years in this AWESOME world ^^ and special thanks to those yang wish me yesterday ! thankyousoooomuch ! and to all my girlfriends, thanks for the birthday surprise ! and thanks for that superduper DELICIOUS cake ! i do love ya'all soo much ! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

life as a student :)

hey hey blogger. i know my blog getting bored and bored each day.
but i'll try to make it WOW. i'm not trying to be sententious. but yea, i'm kinda lazy right now cause trial is nextmonth and exam just around the ass ! i'll try to put more effort in my studies :) cant wait to finish PMR :D cause i want to stay off from books. grr. cause whenever i read books, then after 5 minutes it will gone forever. *sigh* thats it. will update after exams ! TTYL :)


i'm soo lazy to blog right now. but yeah, today we supposed to hantar alyaa to airport cause she's going to KL. we sedulously tried to reach there but we were caught in that fuckin traffic jam. we're soo sorry we didnt make it. i know you're sooo pissed off. then my mom drove me, hani, wyna and mimah to the spring. all sorts of high jinks went to the mall and i had a blast today. but i rlly wish alyaa was there too. like seriously. love you my walking newspaper ! gahaha :DD and i'm soo out of cash now. i know that i am a profligate person ^^

i uploaded more pictures in facebook todaay. thats it. i want to hibernate nowww !
takecare !! xoxo,
salsabila :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


typing this is making me nervous, GAHAHA.
brendon is lead singer from the band panic at the disco. if you haven't heard of them, i'll chop your head off ! i'm loving brendon urie TODAY ! he's superdupermega extraordinary HOT !
he's everygirl's dream of ! awwww i'm so loving u :)
please stop from making my cheeks blush. HAHA :D

thats it. i wanna hibernate right now : TTFN :D


aww aww now i'm sooo into korean movie ! i swear i cried when i watched that korean movie.
please kiss my tears away. and you're going to die of dehydration cause tears are saltwater .

and tonight manchester united is going to kick malaysian's butt :D
wyna just arrived from kl to watch that red devil. yikes ! i miss you wifey :)

alrite, off to bed now. i'm sorry i cant publish something WOW !
just wrote whats in my brain now. i'm signing out now.TTFN !

Saturday, July 11, 2009


ALERTT ! this entry may sounds like rubbish , so dont read it if u dont want to waste your time yeah.

this really goes to YOU girl .
i know your latest entry refers to me.
how many times should i say that i DONT NEED and i DONT LOVE your guy ?
well hello ? please read my previous entry would you ?
or should i say, that u dont know how to read ? :)
and yeah 1 more thing, there are lots lots of BETTER guys out there.
please lah dear , dont waste your tears because of this small matters okay.
please resist your jealousy. dont act like a little kid. you're big girl now dear. and, if my blog makes u hurt or jealous, so please dont u ever ever ever ever read my blog again.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

life's chapter

wooooshh, i'm in a mood to blog right now .

first, i really misses him sooo much. i know it sounds lame.
p/s : "him" does not referr to my ex okey. i'm totally over him. got that ?
let me explain, he's my friend, 6 years older than me, and he's funny. okay. i miss him. thats it.

and oh my gawd, cant believe what i saw today. girls supposed to love guys right ?
but this is different, or we just called is as LESBO ? and when i saw them, my heart totally smashed down. ewwwww darn, disgusting.

oh yea, i am so hating u today. i dont know why. theres something bout YOU YOU YOU that makes me hate u.

pmr ; 3 more months to go. study ?
NOT YET. wtf ? -______-

okay thats it. i'm going to bed now. sorry for the english error. im not mat salleh's pun anak. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a day to remember :)

geiishhhh , school's funfair was super duper mega awesome ! well, not exactly, haha ^^ but yeah, i do have fun and there were sooooo many people on that day .
i do love to play darts, golf, guitarr hero, dance floor, and and PAINTBALL was very fun !
and not to forget, TWISTERRRR. yeahh, thanks wynaa for the video ! iloveu darling ! :)
lets get your body twisted baby ! HAHA. (eventho i cheated a lotttt :P)

and our cameraman's daughter, my SHAZZY HASSAN took those pictures :))

soooo many people ! :D

breakfast at sugarbun, before the food and funfair ^^
and then bila balik rumah, sakit badan, sakit kaki, sakit kepala cause penat gilak. -________-

Monday, July 6, 2009

julyes darling ;)

my dearest darlingsss who was born on july :)

6 july 1991 :)

amirkhalis bin rosli ; there used to be love between us, but now whats left is only memories ^^
he's the one who always be there for me when things get rough and hard. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN ! :))

16 july 1994

alyaa' zahirah bt ali my walking newspaper !
my super energetic friend ! alyaa the loud mouth but yet she's FUN ! :)
soory al if aku slalu buat ko mrajuk :P HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY iloveyou :)

17 july 1994

jasmin annuar :)
she's soo fun to talk with , and makes me laugh out loud ^^ iloveyou min and HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY :))

30 july 1994

Siti adila ghautal hardy ! loves to share problems with her,
cause she's a good listener yea :) happy advance birthday darling iloveyou :))

yay ! happy birtday super rocka darling :) and i was born on july too ! HAHA ;D
i love them much much ^^