Monday, July 20, 2009


aww aww now i'm sooo into korean movie ! i swear i cried when i watched that korean movie.
please kiss my tears away. and you're going to die of dehydration cause tears are saltwater .

and tonight manchester united is going to kick malaysian's butt :D
wyna just arrived from kl to watch that red devil. yikes ! i miss you wifey :)

alrite, off to bed now. i'm sorry i cant publish something WOW !
just wrote whats in my brain now. i'm signing out now.TTFN !


aqeela affandi said...

dehydration cause tears are saltwater

wow .
form four naty amik class pure science taw .
dapat byk info sikit .

ela rockadarling :] said...

yo dude, tak semestinya ape yg aku tulis nih berdasarkan betol2 fact lah bongok :) thats mean for HIPERBOLA. ko tak tao ke ha ?
aku tulis ape yg ade lam otak aku je so tk bermaksod aku kene revise balik . otak kau tkleh gune dh ar :))

"dehydration cause tears are saltwater"
tak semestinyer kte betol2 DEHYDRATION cause tears, ko nih lurus bendul bengok je ar doe. HAHAHAHA . tk kuase aku nak layan org ngok cam kau oi :)) aku ade otak lah aku tau ar dehydration ke tak. BONGOK ! :DD ee geli aku ~

BTW MAKCIK, ye aku nnti insyallah nak amik class pure science, thanks ye siput :)