Friday, July 24, 2009

life as a student :)

hey hey blogger. i know my blog getting bored and bored each day.
but i'll try to make it WOW. i'm not trying to be sententious. but yea, i'm kinda lazy right now cause trial is nextmonth and exam just around the ass ! i'll try to put more effort in my studies :) cant wait to finish PMR :D cause i want to stay off from books. grr. cause whenever i read books, then after 5 minutes it will gone forever. *sigh* thats it. will update after exams ! TTYL :)


Dahlia said...

see u soon ela!

vavaa said...

i understands the part 'after 5 minutes it will gone forever'. hahaha.
same w me too.
mcm no use jak everyting that i read.

ela rockadarling :] said...

dahlia : ohh okay see u soon too !

vavaa : yeap yeap, thats right !
thats why mek prefer blaja last minute. haha :P