Sunday, August 30, 2009

boring post.


I AM MAD. i wanna get the hell out from my house. i wanna go somewhere.

i need to do a little shopping. HEHE thats it. will solve all of my problems.
cause my wardrobe is SOOOO out-dated.


nothing i'm just expressing

first of all, i wanna wish all Muslim happy fasting day :)
i love fasting day, cause its sooo raya-ish, WOOOT cant wait to celebrate raya.
and sorry guys, I'm not going to post everyday like i used to be.
cause I'm moving to tumblr, cause i think tumblr is MORE easy to use.

and yea, PMR IS 38days from now. I'm so nervous I'm telling you.
but due to my lazinessss, i was very busy onlining all the time. and yeahh, i forgot to do revision.
forgot ? YEAH RITE.

i miss a lot of people. i miss my friends. i miss school. i miss my cuzzies in KL. i miss the old time. SIGH.

OH OKAY. i have no idea what to type. i'm signing out. TTYL :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

partner in crime :)

i went to HD (hardy dahlia) today to meet my friends :) we took a lot of pics. i mean, A LOTTTT.
and i had a blast today ! and i'm suffering from the RED EYE. geish thats great -____-

and psstttt, TRIAL PMR is nextweek so HELL YEAH i'm ready ! (hey, not exactly)
so thats it. i want to hibernate right now. TTFN :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

quiz for DUMMIES

FORM 3 2009

QUES 27 : which rocks can float ?

seri's answer : rock and roll
azz's answer : the rock and stone cold (mimah and i gave the answer cause she had no idea what to write)
mimah's answer : rock you .
tash's answer : which rock ?

QUES 28 : what is the distance from the surface of earth to its center ?

azz's answer : far far awayyyy.
tiff's answer : UNCOUNTABLE .

yeah, we know that we're an airhead. we dont even know about galaxy.
anyone, answer please ?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

a singing toad :)

yea yea i know, when i watched this video, i was totally disgusted with myself !
but hey, i LOVEEEE to sing  eventhough my voice sounds like a toad.
but who cares anyway ? hee :) 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

hey mister, read this would you ? :)


exam ? its overr. and i really wanna peek somebody's answer today,
but the eagle eyes were evrywhere ! i'm such an airhead and a potato head! i dont even know how to solve an easy questions. oh gawd, i need to get my brain fixed! yikes, my head is going to blow! accck !


I thought that i need u to survive, but then i suddenly realised that i  
DONT NEED YOU at all cause i'm still strong and still standing here.
well, education is MORE important :) shuh shuh you love ^^


my life is miserable, but i learn to LOVE IT :)
and hey can somebody please murder her ? she's getting on my nerve ! *sigh*
i think earth is going to burn ! but not now, maybe soon ?
the wheather is soooo fuckin HHOT nowadays ! stop global warming !
i dont wanna die to be barbequed !

p/s : i miss my blog and my facebook like sooo much cause i dont have much time to go posting like i used to be.

and yea finally, i have a chatbox! hey, feel free to chat with me yea :))