Monday, July 6, 2009

julyes darling ;)

my dearest darlingsss who was born on july :)

6 july 1991 :)

amirkhalis bin rosli ; there used to be love between us, but now whats left is only memories ^^
he's the one who always be there for me when things get rough and hard. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN ! :))

16 july 1994

alyaa' zahirah bt ali my walking newspaper !
my super energetic friend ! alyaa the loud mouth but yet she's FUN ! :)
soory al if aku slalu buat ko mrajuk :P HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY iloveyou :)

17 july 1994

jasmin annuar :)
she's soo fun to talk with , and makes me laugh out loud ^^ iloveyou min and HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY :))

30 july 1994

Siti adila ghautal hardy ! loves to share problems with her,
cause she's a good listener yea :) happy advance birthday darling iloveyou :))

yay ! happy birtday super rocka darling :) and i was born on july too ! HAHA ;D
i love them much much ^^


'Cikgu Padi' said... bro also july people...6 july..hehehe..u nye besday bile?

ela BABUNNNN said...

28 july, haha ;D

'Cikgu Padi' said...

ok...coming soon hehehe

ela BABUNNNN said...

a'ah tuh ar. HHAHA

Dahlia said...

i pun bulan july jugak!
31st! last sekali oww..

ela BABUNNNN said...

31st july ?
well, HAPPY ADVANCE BIRTHDAY yea dear ! :))