Saturday, June 27, 2009

ela goes wild :)

oh i'm sorry for the late update ! i'm kinda busy right now people :)

oh yea the video upthere just for fun coz i'm dying of boredom while waiting for parking. grr.

and ALERT ! do not watch that video if you dont want to waste your time.
sorry for the lame voice,
sorry for the ugly face,
and sory bout my bad HABBIT, which is main ngan rambut,
i know its kinda GEDIK. but yea, my bad habbit. isk :(

this morning was parents day !
my dad cant make it, so my mom and me jea pegi kat skola ! :))
then after smpai kat class, so here u go, conversation with teacher and mom

cikgu : humph salsabila ! *sarcastic face*
mak : how's her attitude teacher ?
cikgu : aiyo ini salsabila byk ckp ooo. needs to focus more ! evry morning saya kena tegor dia supaya ikat rambut. needs to follow school's rules .
mak : oooo yala, di rumah pun sama jugak. tidak pandai nak diam.
me : but at least i dont have any demerits point right teacher ?
cikgu : *checking my demerits form* oh yes, salsabila is clean from demerits !
me : yah i told you !
cikgu : she talks a lot, sama dgn kawan2 dia . 3 bulan lagi mau pmr maaaaa
mak : yalah, mesti target straigt a's nih
me : yalah ya =.=
cikgu : and dia byk tak buat kerja rumah dan tk hantar kerja. needs to work harder.

and bla bla bla.
aiyo teacher, no positive comment ka ?
pancit tayar krete cikgu kang ? haha jk :)

so thats all, sory for the boring entry. i'm out of idea right now. geishhh

Saturday, June 13, 2009

she's getting on my nerves !

hey hey biatch :) you deserve my middlefinger ! haha :D
u know what ?

i dont need your guy! you think that i'm jealous ?
well, think twice, cause you're wrong biatch.
cause there are tons of BETTER guys out there !
you're so PATHETIC! and LAMEE !
got that ?

p/s: ini picture zaman dahulu. HAHAH

p/s.s : sory lah entry nie agak marah, hee :) peace ^^v

Saturday, June 6, 2009


hey people, i want to share you something ^^
something that makes me laugh out loud. HAHA!

to those yg tk faham bahasa serawak, sorry ^^
this video is BRILLIANT and GENIUS ! haha :))

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

history of starbucks

i bet all of us really lovess starbucks. right right ? ^^
cause starbucks is a world best coffee !
but fyi somewhere in sabah, ada jugak starbucks okey !

u dont believe eh ?

see ! HAHA. told you!
starbucks in malay; setarbak. i found this in myspace for long long time ago, durh :D
caya lah pakcik !

the drama queen :)

yes, life full of dramas. you dont know who u can count on.
coz the one that u can count on may do shit things behind you.
trust me, coz i've been through all this. dont be tooo kind, coz someone can take advantages of your kindness. i have lots of friends, but i only can trust a few of them.


YAY i love holidays! cause i'm staying off from books, WAHAHA. eh NOT! kerja kursus blom siap =.= so yesterday was HARI GAWAI. i'm goin to wish happy gawai to all my dayakian friends, especially the tuai rumah panjang SYAZWINA ANAK ABU HASSAN.
haha *evil laughs
yesterday i slept at wina's house, woah its the first time ku tido rumah kawan oi ^^v
i DO have fun with my bitch ;) (NOT) haha :) and the next day we went to sematan !
it was last minute plan okay. and trip to sematan was SUPER DUPER funnnnn !
it took bout almost 2 hour, right wina ? dh smpai sematan, we camwhoring all the times.
yerr bulak jak all the times
we had barbeque, and unfortunately we didnt go to the beach, coz the wheather is TOOO HOTT !
x tercapai hasrat ku nak tgk wynn guna bikini. GAHAHAH.
HAHA :P see our pictures ! oooooooooo ~

actually byk lagi pic, but malas nak upload it here ! i'll uplode MORE pictures in facebook
okay darling ? grr ^^

and wait, this picture really goes to SERI NAZIRAH,

omg seri ! kpg sembawang mmg wujud doe !
(i bet some of u dont know the history of this kpg sembawang) HAHA.

at night, bpk wynn hntar pulang, byebye to wynn and her gila babi pun kakak, SYAZWANI.
but wynn didnt want me to go, (yerr) Later lah aku tido umah kau oke ! sygg KAU ! ^^