Wednesday, July 8, 2009

life's chapter

wooooshh, i'm in a mood to blog right now .

first, i really misses him sooo much. i know it sounds lame.
p/s : "him" does not referr to my ex okey. i'm totally over him. got that ?
let me explain, he's my friend, 6 years older than me, and he's funny. okay. i miss him. thats it.

and oh my gawd, cant believe what i saw today. girls supposed to love guys right ?
but this is different, or we just called is as LESBO ? and when i saw them, my heart totally smashed down. ewwwww darn, disgusting.

oh yea, i am so hating u today. i dont know why. theres something bout YOU YOU YOU that makes me hate u.

pmr ; 3 more months to go. study ?
NOT YET. wtf ? -______-

okay thats it. i'm going to bed now. sorry for the english error. im not mat salleh's pun anak. :)


'Cikgu Padi' said...

haaa?lesbo...yaks.....tah pape tah ngan pompuan pon jd...hehee..pape pon jgn lupe studdy..lagi satu jgn terlalu membenci nanti kita kan mencintai..

NatasyaFellina said...

anyway gdluck fr yr pmr dear:)

ela BABUNNNN said...

hhak ! tuh ar pasal taw,
tasuke lesbo.eeeee !