Saturday, June 26, 2010


helo ! meet my favourite people :)

emo lok (//.-) haha

the picture up there explains everything. everytime i try to forget about it, there will always be something that remind me of you. the end.


OHMYGOD ADJAFJSOFIHJPG I DIED. i want to have all of it! yerr greedy much?
haha :D i wanna have shoes collection just like this. i wanna be rich someday.
alyaa zahirah would love this ! she's inlove with high tops yo ! PURRRRRRRRRRRRR

waka waka

this is going to be GERMANY'S ! or, ENGLAND'S ! yerh haha :D
but, tomorrow german is gonna have a match with england. damn !
i wish that german & england akan seri yknow. i support them both.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

formspring me

i dont know what is going on with my formspring. i already answered a few questions lastnight,
but it didn't show up. damn, formspring is being such a bitch -..-
try to ask me questions, yo!

Friday, June 18, 2010


yaw ma man ! check out my FAVOURITE bookmark. yerrrr haha :)
and i need to cut my long long hair. its annoying :/


i love them ;) they crack me up every single day :)

thank to the YOU !

yes i do i do i do I DO ! haha :D
thanks for following, my dear followers :)


PURRFECT COMBINATION (Y). the wedges, the skirt, the necklace, *DROOLING*


this is the end of our story. i believe that some people are not meant to be together.
we WERE almost there. and everything happens for a reason. still wondering whats your reason.


yayyerrr finally i watched karate kid lastnight. HAIYAKKKKKK wachaaa wachaa!
this is my conversation between my mom & me. i'm gonna translate it in english cause i think
most of my readers are from peninsular& sarawak. *yer mun jak ada org baca* HAHA!

me: mak! i wanna watch karate kid! my friends said, that jaden smith bla3 ... jackie chan also bla3.. and the movie is bla bal bla..
mak: ..........
me: MAKK!
mak: aih what? dont you see i'm watching football now. its argentina vs korea.
me : you're weird, mak. you supposed to watch those cooking thingie. not football.
mak: everyone can watch football, okay?
me: oh okay. makk, i wanna watch karate kid? pleaseeeeee?
mak: look at that one of argentina's player! he has huge nose! his name is messi.
me: *looking at the tv* aiee which one?
mak: player number 10.
me: HAHAHA thats true! ehh i know you wanna change the topic. MAK! i wanna watch karate kid. hmmm.
mak: aiee ask your brother first.
me: he watched that already!
mak: ask him first la, KERAK!
me: aihhh, BEROK!
mak: orang utan!
me: babun!
mak: DUGONG!
me: duyong! heh whatever mak -..-

*20 min after that*

mak: oii lets go.
mak: i already finished watching football. argentina won! we're going to watch karate kid lah. you want or not?
me: aihh REALLY? yeayyyyy ! ok mak! :))

hehehehe. I LOVE MY MOM, WOOHOO !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bitches night :3

HAHA i miss sleepover at hani's. where we can talk about everything.
yerrrh :P where we can go crazy and wild, HAHA!

boredom strikes

camwhoring is soo fun when boredom is killing me :)

no title, again

damn, this is soo true.

world cup yo!

GO ENGLAND ! and not to forget, GERMANY ! woohohh :D

helpless feeling

hey, i dont know how to start this. urmm. well,, i'm gonna open a new chapter.
what i mean is, i'm gonna forget everything we had, evry moment that we shared together.
yerrrr. HAHA! moving on is not as easy as you can think. it takes time to heal yo!
so, i told myself that the time will come when i'll stop from loving him. theres a better things to do rather than crying and thinking about a guy that doesnt know how to appreciate me.

now, i'm trying, AND I'M GONNA TRY to forget about him. really cant wait for the day that i look at him, and i feel absolutely nothing, no butterflies, and no quickened heartbeat. it would be awesome. JUST AWESOME. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

you're the colour of my life

mmmmmmmm YUMMY :D
syazwina would love this cause its full with m&ms :)

i want to be a billionaire

okay, i know the picture up there has nothing to do with my post right now. haha! it just, the hammer is soooo cute :3

i'm still thinking about my future you know. cause 2 years after this, i'm no longer a st.teresa's student.
i need to continue my study to ermmm ermm university? insyaallah, yerh ahha.
let me tell you this.

when i was 5,
i want to be a teacher someday, cause i adored one of my teacher in my kindergarden.

when i was 8,
i want to be a succesful doctor.

when i was 11,
i want to be an artist. cause i love painting and art :)

when i was 13,
i want to be a forensic. cause i love to watch one of the television series, which is CSI.

and now, when i'm 16,
I DONT KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO BE. i dont even have an ambition. haha.
cause everything seems soooo complicated for me. i really want to be a "somebody", someday.
i'm hoping that someday, i'm heading to a right path. amin.

Friday, June 4, 2010

no title

i miss raya. i miss livingroom. i miss kgs. i miss hilton. i miss beach. i miss karaoke. i miss bowling.
i miss cookies. i miss butter chicken rice. i miss KL. i miss horror movies. i miss bombay masala.
people dont change. but feelings DO change.

mark salling's FEVER !

ohmygodahhh adfajfsofjsoigjdofghdopfg I JUST DIED.
he is extremely, totally, and BRUTALLY HHOT :3

pain go away ?

yes i do. life is treating me well so far. ohh not exactly. fuck. hmph i need to stop cursing yknow.
it sounds bad! but yeah, cursing and swearing are something that gives me an instantaneous release.
it will ease my pain youknow :) People feel better when they swear. it’s how i express anger symbolically. It’s much better to swear than to physically hit someone or hurt them in any way. am i right? :p so, FUCK YOU! -,-

goodbye asshole

exactly what you did to me, REMEMBER? there is a big hole in my heart, you did that. MOTHERFUCKER. -.-

you were the best part of me

hmm good old days. yeah i need a time machine. i never thought that things will be so complicated. you and i, were happy. i thought it would be as simple as that. and then, things happened for no reason. you left me with a deep deep scar, and it takes time for me to heal. if i have enough strength to talk with you, you wanna know what i am going to say ? i'm gonna say, FUCK YOU DOCHEBAG with my middlefinger infront of your motherfucking face, bye.

party 125 :3

on 29 May 2010, our school was having a 125th dinner at fourpoints hotel :3
my friends and i totally had a BLAST !