Sunday, September 20, 2009

helo 80's :)

this is us when we were 1980's :)


pemenang ratu kebaya 1980


dah boring ngan hairstyle ya..
then pegi equip saloon, tuka rambut..


hazimah time nerd. xda org nak kawan.
tuka hairstyle,

tuka lagiiiiik,

hazimah dah up. HAHA


orang paling famous. haha

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i love my darlings :)

i love each one of you,
and sorry if i'm always bossing around. i love you guys to the max !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random post :)

wooot hari raya is on sunday! everyone is busy to get our home done. with all the light, the curtain, and the most amazing thing is KUIH&BISCUIT !
i'll gain my weight during raya, trust me :)
and i cant wait to finish PMR. cause i wanna do alot of stuff !
i wnna karaoke with my friends, watching movies, go-kart, paintball, and yeah, stay 2 nights at damai beach. typing this is making me EXCITED. hahaha :D
i will study, FOR MY FAMILY SAKE :)

and i would like to wish happy ADVANCE raya to all muslim :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

raffey's aging day :)

yesterday was RAFFEY HILMAN's birthday. and he invited 13 of us to come to his PARTY.
but unfortunately, only 8 of us can make it. the party was awesome. we had a barbeque, karaoke and performance from the superstarss ; hariz and hazman. haha :D
raffey&azreena, and ralph& seri were soo extremely sweet. GAHHH :)
and yeah I HAD A BLAST!

and then "he" texted me to pick me up at my house. but i'm not at my home :(
i'm not showing off but it just, i'm inlove with him so much. HUHAHAHAA.
shit man, i MUST resist this feelings. cause PMR just around the arse !

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ilovefastingday :)

helo guys :) whoaaa i am soo lazy to update my blog due to my busyness.
its fasting day, and nextweek is hari raya, WOOOT hell yeah i cant wait :)

so, lastweek i went out with my friends :)

1.35pm star cineplex
> we watched final destination 4. THUMBS up for that movie. i love em :)

3.00pm parkson
> went to parkson and waited for hani , wyna and alyaa
> we went to MNG, united colours of benetton and more :)

around 4.00pm
> went to tun jugah, alyaa wanted to repair her ipod

4.30 pm riverside bowling
> the most awesome thing ! for the first time, hell yeah i won ! actually, sama point dgn hani. so, SERII ! hani, next time challenge one on one ! haha :D
> wynn scored staright 0 for the first 3 round ! poor her :) HUHAHAHAHA *devil laughs

around 6.00pm
> next station at the McD. met a lot of people there. DROOL. haha

after berbuka ; 7.00pm
> lepak at the coffeebean. took a lot of pics :)

around 8.00pm; still at the coffee bean
> ACCKKK i met him. he was there ! cant explain how much i'm inlove with him
> yeah i am nervous i'm telling you. awwww :)

yeah thats it. i'm lazy to write. sory for the lazy post. i'm getting my hair done today !