Sunday, September 13, 2009

raffey's aging day :)

yesterday was RAFFEY HILMAN's birthday. and he invited 13 of us to come to his PARTY.
but unfortunately, only 8 of us can make it. the party was awesome. we had a barbeque, karaoke and performance from the superstarss ; hariz and hazman. haha :D
raffey&azreena, and ralph& seri were soo extremely sweet. GAHHH :)
and yeah I HAD A BLAST!

and then "he" texted me to pick me up at my house. but i'm not at my home :(
i'm not showing off but it just, i'm inlove with him so much. HUHAHAHAA.
shit man, i MUST resist this feelings. cause PMR just around the arse !

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