Friday, October 9, 2009


helo people :) i'm in a mood to type right now. raya was totally a blast ! cause i spend more time with my friends

first day of raya

family gathering at granny's house :)

second day of raya

third day of raya

we had a barbeque at hani's house :) two thumbs up for the chicken ! :D

fourth day of raya

and again, we had a barbeque at aniq's house. YEAH :)


Cik Rara said...

cm besh je raye die? :D

Legasi Piston Pecah said...

yeah...bestnyer raye....

'Cikgu Padi' said...

selamat ari raya...

ela rockadarling :] said...

rara : yeap its totally a blast :)

piston : yea syoknye raya haha

ckgu : slamat hari raya!