Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 night at hilton hotel

i'm in a mood to type. so this post will mybe a bit longer.
so dont read if you're a lazy head .

17 october 2009.
its the day when all my problems faded away. its time for my friends and i to go wild !
haha kidding. :) we went to hilton hotel to stay one night . RIGHT AFTER PMR. woooot!

at the lobby. waited for hani, seri, dyla, and wina :)

helo room 331 !

at the pool site.

i was told that he cant make it. he'll not coming with us. but yeah, he was there.
surprised ? i am . i rlly wanna kick his bloody arse . cant tell u how happy i am.
*muntah ijo* haha :p then we went to riverside to play BOWLING ! ulalala I LIKEE :)

dude look at my score. i really2 wanna BEAT YOU HANI. haha !

at night, SWIMMING TIME :)

all i can say, IT WAS super duper hyper AWESOME !

around 7 p.m or something, went to have our dinner at mcD.

after that, we went to coffee bean. from 10.pm to 1 a.m.
it was wild and crazy night. no parents. YEAH.

went back to the hotel around 1 a.m or something ? cant recall.
had a birthday surprise for hani syakireen. HAHA :)

hang out with syaheed, zhen and mirul at the lobby around 4 a.m .
went back to our room, and SLEEP. so tired but it was amazing day i tell you.


Amir Ariff said...

macam best? asal tak ajak?

Legasi Piston Pecah said...

hilton pj...?

ela rockadarling :] said...

amir : haha mmg best pun :p

piston : nope, hilton kuching