Sunday, December 27, 2009

things that i've done in 2009

1. Bought something i didn’t need.

2. Snuck out of my house.

3. Became obsessed with a song no one knew.

4. Fell in love.

5. Got into a fight with someone i loved.

6. Figured out who my real friends were.

7. Shopped online.

8. Sang karaoke.

9. Performed in front of a large audience.

10. Met someone i found online.

11. Found a new band that i love.

12. Realized that Kanye West essentially sucked. (to be fair, I realized this a long time ago)

13. Panicked over something stupid.

14. Fell out of love..

15. Spent time with my family.

16. Ate dinner alone.

17. Cried in the shower.

18. Got yelled at for no reason.

19. Waved at people i didn’t know in passing cars.

20. Changed my entire look.

21. Laughed at something that made no sense.

22. said iloveyou but didnt mean it

23. spend my holiday with my friends

24. did something horrible :S

25. went out with friends until midnight

26. Told someone i loved them.

well, bye bye 2009 ! and hello 2010 ! :)
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