Saturday, August 15, 2009

partner in crime :)

i went to HD (hardy dahlia) today to meet my friends :) we took a lot of pics. i mean, A LOTTTT.
and i had a blast today ! and i'm suffering from the RED EYE. geish thats great -____-

and psstttt, TRIAL PMR is nextweek so HELL YEAH i'm ready ! (hey, not exactly)
so thats it. i want to hibernate right now. TTFN :)


PHIRDOTE said...

cute :)

Dahlia said...

i saw Dahlia there..hehe!

ela rockadarling :] said...

phir : THANKYOUU :))

dahlia : eyap name kedai tuh hardy dahlia. HAHA ! tuh kdai makan mmbr ela aw.
slalu je lepak kedai tuh :P

Ameeza Adailami said...

ni mst da xtahu nk wat keje ape.. hehe ;)