Sunday, August 30, 2009

nothing i'm just expressing

first of all, i wanna wish all Muslim happy fasting day :)
i love fasting day, cause its sooo raya-ish, WOOOT cant wait to celebrate raya.
and sorry guys, I'm not going to post everyday like i used to be.
cause I'm moving to tumblr, cause i think tumblr is MORE easy to use.

and yea, PMR IS 38days from now. I'm so nervous I'm telling you.
but due to my lazinessss, i was very busy onlining all the time. and yeahh, i forgot to do revision.
forgot ? YEAH RITE.

i miss a lot of people. i miss my friends. i miss school. i miss my cuzzies in KL. i miss the old time. SIGH.

OH OKAY. i have no idea what to type. i'm signing out. TTYL :)

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