Monday, March 30, 2009

all i need is HIM :)

i did this fer you amir :)

Love hurts when you break up with someone, love hurts even more when they break up with you but love hurts even worst when they love somebody else.
yes, thats what i feel right now people !
i keepppp and keeep on thinking bout him :(
but i have my GIRLFRIENDS to cheer me :) want me to mention their names ?
neea, mimah, wyna, zyra, tiff, alyaa, tash, azz, seri and MORE.

thanks to them coz brighten up my day. and i just cant stop on laughing of their stupid jokes :D i love themm :)

he's now in PLKN, (the camp thingie) and away for 3months.
HAHA :D like i said, even if i'm with someone new, all i can love is only him.
someone new ? nahhh, i really wannabe single now :D
and sometimes i think when i see him happy with somebody else, i suddenly realize i just pretending to be happy too, to ease the pain of knowing that he will never be mine anymore :(

people always said , they're like TONS more of guys out there.
but i'm not intrested okae.
i cant forget the time that we shared together.
grr. miss u lah BOTAK oi !

wait fer me KL !


Emir said...

lewat juak jiwang kau??CIBAI!!haha

yang hensem,
emir shafiq

ela BABUNNNN said...

kimek kay emuir ! HAHA ! ;D
skati ku lah mok gwang ka apa. gago.
kau ngan darling ko tek x gwang ? yahh