Friday, May 8, 2009

boredom is killing me !

TAKE NOTE people ! this whole week i have exam for mid year :)
so i try to do my best :] yesterday was english paper, so look what i've done during exam !

what boredness can do during exam :)

erm just ignore bout "lost my boobs." i dont have any idea =.=

i know all of my drawing are SUCK :) i dont have the talent ^^
but i love to draw, and it is not about drawing well, it is about how i express myself :)
yep, i express myself through writing, blogging, shouting and drawing. yeahh ^^


Marzuki Jalil said...

aku sukaknnya

emy. blurps~ said...

darl, love ur drawing. ;DD
sgt chantek..
gila tabah u. ;)
i byle tgk u jd strong balek. huhu~

ela BABUNNNN said...

marzuki : thenkiu thenkiuuu ^^
emy : awww really ? thanks yea :D

emy. blurps~ said...

yuppie.. i pk aw, kalo u leh berdiri dgn sndri, nape i taley.. huhu. btw, thx alot. ;DD

ela BABUNNNN said...

aww thnks for your support dear ^^

tomakakahito said...

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