Monday, March 23, 2009

research for sejarah thingie :)

i took the video when we're in "rumah hazimah". haha kidding ! ;P

HAHA :] in the video, hazimah and alyaa were trying to get down from that freaky stairs. HAHA.

we went to museum yesterday for research bout kerja khusus sejarah. *did i spell "museum" correctly ?
but then ada macik busybody datang.

macik : ktk org buat apa kat sitok ?
us : polah research and cari information
macik : x boleh buat research if xda surat dri sekolah. ada surat dri sekolah ka ?
yang warna putih ya bhaaa.
hazimah: nang lah warna putih. x lah warna warni.
adz : ada. jap ahhh . (but actually mmg xda pun )
hazimah : phl xleh buat research ? bgus buat museum dimpun jak. HAHA
macik : ney duit ko mok buat museum dimpun ? *she said that with her devilish

woahh macik, relex lah ! and i found that "macik" is just a cleaner
coz she's holding penyapu and mop!
FUCK ! i tot she's a manager there ! eeeee geram aku. ahaha.
then we ran away from that macik, veryyy annoying lah u.
adeyhh :D
it looks scary in the museum coz there are tons of dead animals there.

and we went upstairs, and took some pictures *eventho we're not allowed to take pic :)


picture upthere are soooo stupid. our fingers pointed at the "boobs". HAHA.
sangap doh ;D
after that, we went to another museum whiich is "ART MUSEUM" :)
theres nothing to look in the art museum.
so we're tired, exhausted, and lepak for a while at the park :DD
and we went back to school. dgn tangan kosong. without the museum information. wuarghh. but nevermind, trip to museum was vry FUN.
then i was attacked by asthmaa. grrrrr.
asthma is a cronic lung disease, and it makes me very difficult to breathe.
asthma cant be cured. even when i feel fine, i still have the disease and it can flare up at any time. then i went to hospital lastnight , and i think i feel better nowwww.


Mr. Blurr said...

syoih...bahaya pgg ya..hahahahaha...sungguh bobbylicious eyh..hahahahahha...lawak da video ya...hahahahaha..lompat jak..hahaha..lak makcik sambut nya..hahahaha

luna abdullah said...

lorr///tak pahamyg sabah tuh.sabah eh?ke srwk?? tak paham.translate please.... :(

ela BABUNNNN said...

bukan sabah lah syg oi,
sarawak :)
hahak ;D
okey, nanti i translate okay ^^

dAkBaiK said...