Friday, June 18, 2010


yayyerrr finally i watched karate kid lastnight. HAIYAKKKKKK wachaaa wachaa!
this is my conversation between my mom & me. i'm gonna translate it in english cause i think
most of my readers are from peninsular& sarawak. *yer mun jak ada org baca* HAHA!

me: mak! i wanna watch karate kid! my friends said, that jaden smith bla3 ... jackie chan also bla3.. and the movie is bla bal bla..
mak: ..........
me: MAKK!
mak: aih what? dont you see i'm watching football now. its argentina vs korea.
me : you're weird, mak. you supposed to watch those cooking thingie. not football.
mak: everyone can watch football, okay?
me: oh okay. makk, i wanna watch karate kid? pleaseeeeee?
mak: look at that one of argentina's player! he has huge nose! his name is messi.
me: *looking at the tv* aiee which one?
mak: player number 10.
me: HAHAHA thats true! ehh i know you wanna change the topic. MAK! i wanna watch karate kid. hmmm.
mak: aiee ask your brother first.
me: he watched that already!
mak: ask him first la, KERAK!
me: aihhh, BEROK!
mak: orang utan!
me: babun!
mak: DUGONG!
me: duyong! heh whatever mak -..-

*20 min after that*

mak: oii lets go.
mak: i already finished watching football. argentina won! we're going to watch karate kid lah. you want or not?
me: aihh REALLY? yeayyyyy ! ok mak! :))

hehehehe. I LOVE MY MOM, WOOHOO !

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