Saturday, September 12, 2009

ilovefastingday :)

helo guys :) whoaaa i am soo lazy to update my blog due to my busyness.
its fasting day, and nextweek is hari raya, WOOOT hell yeah i cant wait :)

so, lastweek i went out with my friends :)

1.35pm star cineplex
> we watched final destination 4. THUMBS up for that movie. i love em :)

3.00pm parkson
> went to parkson and waited for hani , wyna and alyaa
> we went to MNG, united colours of benetton and more :)

around 4.00pm
> went to tun jugah, alyaa wanted to repair her ipod

4.30 pm riverside bowling
> the most awesome thing ! for the first time, hell yeah i won ! actually, sama point dgn hani. so, SERII ! hani, next time challenge one on one ! haha :D
> wynn scored staright 0 for the first 3 round ! poor her :) HUHAHAHAHA *devil laughs

around 6.00pm
> next station at the McD. met a lot of people there. DROOL. haha

after berbuka ; 7.00pm
> lepak at the coffeebean. took a lot of pics :)

around 8.00pm; still at the coffee bean
> ACCKKK i met him. he was there ! cant explain how much i'm inlove with him
> yeah i am nervous i'm telling you. awwww :)

yeah thats it. i'm lazy to write. sory for the lazy post. i'm getting my hair done today !


Piston Pecah said...

this is "Dairi Ramadan Salsabila Kamel"...
suke sgt2 bulan pose...
pas 2 leh raye..horrrey

ela rockadarling :] said...

HAHA eyap.
i'm loving fasting day !