Monday, August 23, 2010

bang bang go die

umm helo guys :) yesterday was biology exam and i was like "AIEE WHAT IS THIS?". biology paper is the hardest so far. and today we're having chemist and history exams. yikes man i did really bad in chemistry. i felt soo dizzy when i answered my chemistry. it was like, something is punching my brain. yerh loba. haha. relax salsabila, 3 more days and i'm freeee! i'm so lazy to study now because i'm in HARI RAYA MODE already, wooohhooo!

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Anonymous said...

ahaha... no worries la... sng jak spm ya.. serious shit! hahaha.. kmk yg salu fail dlm bio, physics n chemist pun dpt grade B plg terok..ahahhaa..