Tuesday, July 6, 2010

what is this about?

dear 2009, i know that you caused me soooo much troubles. you had given me some shits and dramas. but 2009, you were the awesomest year so far. i fell inlove with a great guy, and i did a really good job in my studies and all. i learned a lot from those dramas that you gave me. and yea it made me a better and stronger person. will missing you.

dear 2010, please be awesome and more interesting. eventhough form 4 is so complicated, pleaseee make me even stronger to face all these. 2010, thankyou cause i met a lot of new friends. i''ll face whatever happens. and thankyou cause you make me forgetting him slowly, and slowly. no matter happens, i'm going to stay strong, yo.

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