Friday, April 2, 2010

r a n d o m

i saw my older album in my pc, and i'm starting to miss 2009, where 2009 hold the best memory:)
am gonna post some pics, so this entry is going to be long.

hani mimah wyn. still rmmbr this ? HAHA ! we supposed to hantar alyaa to airport,
but we didnt make it. so my mom drove us to spring :)

yayyer ! sportday was held at padang jubli. during recess time, we walked from pdg jublie to town, to play bowling nak ? haha :D

the best raya ever, yerh haha ! :D cause i spend most of the time with my friends.
still remember eating barbeque chicken at hani's house. SUPER NYAMAN :D

YEP we struggle sooooo hard for our PMR. we went to the library once a week.
GROUP STUDY :) thankyou guys <3

i miss this THE MOST. we went to stay 1 night at hilton right after PMR.

i miss going to the beach with my friends :O and this trip's kinda awesome :)

went on a vacation to KL with alyaa. woohoo the best vacation ! :)

okay thats it. i love each one of you, i swear you guys are the AWESOMEST friends ever !
eventho sometimes i annoyed u guys , but it doesnt mean i hate you all. :)


Legasi Piston Pecah said...

wah..sweet sungguh <--- salsabila kamel

ela rockadarling :] said...

thanks :D