Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the drama queen :)

yes, life full of dramas. you dont know who u can count on.
coz the one that u can count on may do shit things behind you.
trust me, coz i've been through all this. dont be tooo kind, coz someone can take advantages of your kindness. i have lots of friends, but i only can trust a few of them.


princezz.M said...

hi, blog awak sangat comel!

ela BABUNNNN said...

aww thnkyou ! ^^

BELLA said...

uh-huh,uh-huh....mmg btol..
dorang dpn muka nmpk bait tpi dblkng...huh! ckp bnda2 yg *ehem2*
mmg tkleh trust anywun!
i agree with u A LOT!..
anyway..blog ktk cool!
komen kmk juak k..

ela BABUNNNN said...

oh haha thanks anyway ^^
yalatek, cant trust people sooo easily lah nowadays ^^